Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by a number of issues and can range in severity from minor to severe. At Tracy Chiropractic, we treat patients suffering from all kinds of afflictions affecting the neck and back. From car accidents to football collisions, we’ve seen and treated patients recovering from many traumatic injuries.

Patients can pull a muscle while they’re exercising or they can be born with degenerative spinal diseases that cause unbearable pain that worsens with age. Whether your injury is sports related and needs localized attention or it’s less severe and its symptoms can be alleviated through regular adjustment visits, Dr's will provide you with a complimentary consultation to devise the best strategy for optimal back health; one that’s personalized to your current condition and can steer you towards your overall wellness goals.

Back pain comes in many forms; it ranges from bulging and herniated discs to pulled and torn muscles. Your treatment at Tracy Chiropractic will be tailored to your exact injury and type of pain. It will be designed to help you overcome the physical pain of your injury and avoid the underlying causal factors to prevent its reoccurrence.


Pressure on your sciatic nerve causes pain and that pain can radiate from your lower back to your buttocks and down your leg. Sciatica can be extremely painful and make it nearly impossible for some patients to stand for extended periods of time.

When patients visit us with sciatica, we recommend a number of treatments to alleviate the pain. Depending on the severity of the pain and its location, we may suggest deep tissue massage. We’ll also show you stretches that you can do every day to stay loose and gradually improve your condition.

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