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person stretching

As many people continue to work remotely and spend extra time at home, it’s more important than ever to find ways to stay physically healthy. Luckily, basic physical fitness doesn’t require fancy techniques or trips to the gym. Here are three simple ways to stay healthy, flexible, and mobile at home.

Stretch and Move More

Sitting at a desk or on the couch all day can negatively impact muscles, joints, and circulation and lead to more visits to a chiropractic doctor. Every hour or so, stand up and do some simple stretches to avoid stiff muscles and joints, and take a brief walk around to maintain healthy circulation. For a slightly more complex stretching session, yoga poses can also be practiced throughout the day to improve flexibility and balance.

Explore Different Home Workouts

The internet has made it a snap to research and explore a wide variety of home exercise routines and workouts. There’s something out there for every fitness level and body type, and finding one that works can help homebodies stay fit without ever leaving the house. There are even many equipment-free home fitness routines for people with limited space or tight budgets.

Begin an Active Hobby

It’s also possible to stay healthy, flexible, and mobile at home without pursuing a specific fitness routine. Many enjoyable hobbies can get people moving, and even slight, simple movements can help with arthritis and pain management. Gardening, sewing, scrapbooking, and restoring furniture are all easy, fun hobbies that help keep the hands and body mobile and flexible.

Taking steps to remain healthy, flexible, and mobile at home can minimize muscle and joint pain and improve circulation. However, an appointment with a chiropractic doctor is still sometimes necessary for relief. Our team at Tracy Chiropractic serves patients suffering from pain due to auto accidents, sports and work injuries, and chronic conditions. To schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractic doctors, contact us today by calling 209-835-6625.