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Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common issue for people of all ages and backgrounds. Some cases are so severe that they cause people to miss work. According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost workdays each year. At Tracy Chiropractic, we provide a wide range of back pain treatments and alternative medical techniques to help curb this issue and provide healing and relief to our patients in the Tracy, CA area.

Conditions That Lead to Back Pain


Although your back pain may sometimes seem unexplainable, several conditions can lead to this issue.

- Arthritis: Spinal arthritis can cause the space around your spinal cord to become constricted, leading to a condition known as spinal stenosis.

- Bulging or ruptured disks: The disks in your back serve as a cushion between the vertebrae in your spine. When these disks rupture, they can put pressure on your nerves.

- Muscle strain: Muscle strain can be caused by everything from repeated heavy lifting to sudden awkward movements.

- Osteoporosis: When your bones become brittle, compression fractures can occur in your spine.

- Scoliosis: Scoliosis is a condition that causes an irregular curve in your spine.

- Sciatica: Pressure on your sciatic nerve causes pain that can radiate from your lower back to your buttocks and down your leg.

Chiropractic Back Pain Treatment Options


We provide personalized treatment options for those who have been involved in car accidents and work accidents, as well as those who have suffered injuries from sports or are in need of pain management services. We also treat patients who were born with degenerative spinal diseases.

Some of our treatment options include:

- Stretching techniques

- Electrical stimulation

- Range of motion exercises

- Deep tissue massages

- Rehabilitative therapy

- Chiropractic adjustment

- Spinal elongation therapy

We utilize the Kinesio® taping method to help sports players who are experiencing soreness and limited mobility. For those who suffer from muscle inflammation and discomfort, our doctors may employ the myofascial release technique.

Contact Us for Relief

Whether your back pain is mild or chronic, we can provide the treatment options you need. Call Tracy Chiropractic today at 209-835-6625 to schedule an appointment. You can also call or email us at to request your new patient forms.

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